Classics Retold Intro Post!

26 04 2013

This September begins a fun project called CLASSICS RETOLD. Basically you pick one of five retelling areas on five different blogs (I picked mythology), then pick a specific myth/story and read various versions and twists on whatever you picked. Once that is done, you write about your thoughts on the books, movies, retellings, etc. For more info follow this link.

Like I said, I chose the MYTHOLOGY part of the project and have decided to do my project on SIRENS.

Of Poseidon The Siren Tempest Rising

Above are some of the Siren-themes books I have/will read. I’ll probably brush up on them more in actual Greek Mythology research and maybe add a few movies to my list of research material, but I’ll probably focus on YA books for this (seeing as how I am a YA writer.)

I’m looking forward to visiting some of these books again and venturing into others for the first time. Who knows? I may even find a good old movie or two in my research. Can’t wait to delve into the mystic beauty that is sirens!