Mushy Feelings of ‘Goodbye’ and A Clue!

6 07 2013

An important family I have come to know over the years is leaving for Germany today after 20 years in our small desert town, and I have a bit to say on that. Below is a little passage I wrote last night after I helped them finish cleaning their now empty house and returned to my own home. It may get a little mushy, so I apologize in advance!

Just how easy is it to say ‘goodbye’? We say it without much thought when we leave the house or school, never really considering how important those two words are until it is too late.

How do you say goodbye to someone? How can two little words describe the mountain of insurmountable emotions one feels knowing they may never see their loved ones again? It seems impossible and yet those two words have the power to make grown men weep and lift a heavy burden off a person’s shoulders. Yes, those two seemingly different words hold a special power different from any other words of its kind.

And it is today that I found myself saying those words to a group of people I have come to know as family. Whose very presence, thought sometimes absent, has always given me a warm feeling of acceptance and love only a family can give.

I’ve known the Websters for 15 years, that is literally 3/4ths of my life thus far, and for each and every day they have treated me like family. They may have missed birthdays or other celebrations, but that has never mattered to me.

So long as as they’ve lived in their little blue house I have known a greater friendship than most people experience in a lifetime. A friendship where I could walk into the house without knocking and no one would bat an eye. Where I could easily navigate through the entire kitchen (and the rest of the house) without needing instructions. Where I don’t have to be asked to help set a table or clean up after a meal because we all know I’ll do it with the greatest of ease. A place where I could laugh and be my crazy Disney loving self no matter how strange I acted. A place I know will always be there for me no matter what happens in life.

Each and every Webster holds a very special place in my heart and though they are moving an ocean away, I know that they will forever be my friends, my family, and my Websters.

I’ll admit, it is going to be strange not having them there anymore, but my best friend is still in the States for another year to finish up college. After she graduates (sometime in May, I believe) she too will be moving to Germany to follow her family. The good news is I plan to go with her to help her move and get settled. If all things go according to plan, we’re going to have our own mini Tour de Europe~! So even though they’re gone now, I have an excuse to visit Europe more often!


And I’m sure all of you lovely Scavenger Hunt Dearies want your clue, correct? Well, here it is:





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