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8 08 2013

Hey everyone!

So last month I took part in the 2013 Summer Author Blitz and hosted the lovely C.C. Hunter, author of the Shadow Falls series! I already contacted the Internation Winner and received all the necessary info. back but so far the US winner has yet to respond. I emailed the first person and didn’t receive a reply after a week, emailed them again, saying I would pick another in 2 days if they did not reply. They did not reply, so I picked another winner, giving them 2 days to get back to me. Its been 4 days since then and STILL no reply, so I have picked another winner!

Jillian Keener! If any of you happen to know Jillian, make sure they get back to me by Monday so they can get their prize or another person will be chosen!

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In other news, I know I’ve been behind in reviewing, but I finally got a job! I’ll being working evenings (which is my normal blogging time) so I may be slow over the next few months until I get used to things. I’ll have an awesome blog post tomorrow with a cover reveal for one of my dear friend’s books, and a review later this week!

Please bare with me as I get used to the changes going on in my life and be on the look out for some fun posts coming up!

*Serious face*

*Serious face*




One response

8 08 2013

Congrats on the new job! You’re enjoying it, I hope?

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